Coffee Naps: Are They Really a Thing?

Most people drink multiple cups of coffee just to get going in the morning. Some even drink coffee all day long. Here at Lancaster County Coffee, we are definitely all-day drinkers: A few cups in the morning to get the workday started, followed by a cup mid-morning to help make it until lunchtime, and then another cup (or three) mid-afternoon to help push through that end-of-the-day slump. Yet, somehow at 4PM, most of us are still ready for a nap!


So is all-day coffee consumption really the best way to stay awake, alert, and productive? Studies show that 64% of Americans drink coffee daily and more than 50% of Americans sleep during work hours (seriously). Why not combine the two and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world? Okay, so maybe not the whole world. How about just your own daily life?!


“But if you caffeinate immediately before napping and sleep for 20 minutes or less, you can exploit a quirk in the way both sleep and caffeine affect your brain to maximize alertness. Here’s the science behind the idea.”


Ready for a coffee nap? Read more about the research behind the theory!